Northern Minnesota Vacation Rentals


Every individual must rest from the daily task of ordinary life. Relaxation, rejuvenation and weaning from everyday work can only be achieved if you know where you want to go and that your stay will provide you with facilities and activities that will provide you with the kind of relaxation you need, as well as for your family. If you are looking for a place that will provide you with golf, fishing, swimming and other outdoor activities during the warm season, as well as skiing, hiking, ice fishing, snowshoeing and more in the cold season, then a holiday vacation in northern Minnesota is what you have to start looking for.

Holiday rentals in northern Minnesota are the best choice for a winter and summer vacation that you want to realize the carefree vacation you want for you and the whole family. You can get a place that will be applicable to the activities you plan to perform. You can find holiday accommodation in Minnesota from famous real estate agents or online such as Grand Rapids, St. Paul, Minneapolis and many other tourist destinations in northern Minnesota.

Northern Minnesota can provide you with golf activities in these locations where you can be one with nature during your stay, while also providing you with home-grown amenities. Your choice of location can put you next to wildlife locations and at the same time the availability of golf courses and fishing areas in the lake. You do not need a camp for hot summers and cold winters.

The rich watery environment of northern Minnesota can also be fully exploited for vacation spots without the need to stay outside at the campground, through the many vacation homes in the area. Fishing for your hobby and swimming during the hot season will be a great experience. By advancing in planning and finding a vacation rental earlier, you can be sure that you will have a comfortable place to sleep in the warmth during your winter stay and a cold shower or bath during your hot summer stay.

You will never go wrong in planning a vacation in northern Minnesota, especially with the great places you will offer for your vacation. Cooking and an active life will not be a problem, unlike accommodation in a lodge or hotel. For such a moody person and family, get the right rental in Northern Minnesota to ensure that all members of your family are provided with the necessary relaxation. Bring those kids to state parks, those teens who bathe and relax the elderly on a golf course or fishing spot.



Murder with a Red Velvet Cupcake by Joan Fluke – A Review of Dessert, Deception and Death


The grand opening of the newly renovated Albion Hotel in Lake Eden, Minnesota, is the crime scene in Hannah Swansen’s latest caper, “Murder with a Red Velvet Cupcake,” by Joan Fluke.

Cities gather in early June to celebrate in the Red Velvet Hall. Hannah and her business partner Lisa Herman Beezmann own The Cookie Jar, the neighborhood’s popular coffee shop. They deliver desserts for an affair, including their delicious Red Velvet Surprise Cupcakes.

Amidst the gala, Hannah’s sister and the city’s real estate company, Andrea, is promoting the hotel’s available suites and a lavish penthouse with its own elevator, stunning views of Lake Eden; and a huge tropical garden and jacuzzi.

The penthouse, in the process of final repairs, expects delivery and placement of its massive climate with controlled climate. Safety saws prevent penthouse visitors from getting too close to the edge of the building.

Partygoer, Barbara Connelly, excitedly walks around the penthouse to find her residence from the hotel.

Soon, revelators see Barbara’s body playing past the windows of the hotel lounge, eventually landing face down in the rose bushes. Barbara was taken to Lake Eden Memorial Hospital for care.

At 4 p.m., Hannah feverishly receives an interrupted call from a woman believed to be Barbara shouting, “He tried to kill me!” And Hannah is about to solve another mystery on Lake Eden.

Who wants Barbara Connelly dead? And why?

When Hannah interrogates Barbara in the hospital, she is adamant that her brother is the culprit.

But how could he be when she is an only child?

Complicating this is Barbara’s request to see her father, who died with her mother years ago.

Roger Dalworth paid for the renovation of the Albion Hotel in Minneapolis. He attended the opening with his new flame, dentist Dr. Bev. He is also in town visiting his rich, terminally ill father, Warren Dalworth.

The city is offended because Dr. Bev, a famous gold digger, once lived in the Lake of Eden; and twice became the fiancé of Norman Rhodes, a current romantic interest of that of Hannah.

Dr. Bev brags about his last conquest at Roger Dalworth; and brazenly displays its symbols of love, including a new red Maserati convertible.

After driving to visit Hannah at the hospital, Hannah’s route passes Miller’s Lake. There she finds a sunken car and instinctively swims to check for passengers.

Surprised, Hannah realizes that this is Dr. Bev’s sports car; and that she is still behind the wheel. Hannah diligently pulls Dr. Bev to the ground; however, her attempts to save her were unsuccessful.

Detective Mike Kingston, who also takes care of Hannah’s caresses, must confront her in an awkward, formal way when he points to Hannah as the prime suspect in Dr. Bev’s death.

Dr. Bev had ordered Hannah’s Red Velvet Surprise Cupcakes to go to inspect the dome of the penthouse set up this afternoon. Toxicological tests showed that she died before crashing into the lake with a powerful sedative. Her stomach contents consisted only of coffee cream, artificial sweetener and Hannah’s cupcakes.

Traditionally, crowds gather at The Cookie Jar to hear Lisa entertain them with exciting details of the latest crime Hannah has decided to solve. The room is only from the main suspect Hannah.

Soon Hannah confronts the man who tried to kill Barbara; and the exciting conclusion begins.

Fluke’s story includes a chat about the small town that reflects worldly wisdom, in lines like “When you get used to seeing something, you just take it for granted until it’s gone;” and her signature recipes as well.

Her impeccable writing allows new readers to quickly connect with the inhabitants of Lake Eden; and arouses interest in experiencing her previous murder mysteries. “Killing a red velvet cake” is a treat for both your mind and your mouth.

If you enjoy reading fictional, small town, murder mysteries, complemented by delicious recipes, check out the series of books by Anne B. Ross. Miss Julia is the main character living in Abbotsville, North Carolina. Visit: Http://