Barrow, Alaska [And the Chuck chi Sea]


Hotel and clerk

It was a stormy morning in Barrow, Alaska, when I first arrived [June, l996] The Sea of ​​Chuck Chi was in the immediate vicinity of the Top of the World Hotel, if I remember correctly; and you could see the snow on the frozen waves of ice from a great distance with the naked eye, but I still brought my binoculars – and it didn’t take away from me the beauty of the endless view of the frozen sea, while the Top of the World Hotel, the one I stayed at, kept its shores — yes, it was as if I were at the top as I looked out the large bay window.

There was a television and large sofas in the hotel lobby, and a loaded polar bear, surrounded by a glass case, guarded the lobby. I sat there as I drank the Pepsi diet checking the bear, its height, the window of countless ice that continued across the horizon. The day was long and the night was gray for a moment, and the day came back again. Hard to sleep and hard to hold on to sometimes; anyway, back in the lobby:

the first day, the lady behind the table approached me and greeted my keys with the room number in the chain, I put the paper on the table, got up, I had already checked in at the table:

“I hope you like it stay her sir …” the oriental young woman commented as she turned her back to me and did business.

“Do you have everything you need?” she asked, knowing I still had an instinct.

“Yes … for sure–” I said as I left.

“Let me know if I can do something for you,” she added as I made my way halfway down the hall to my room, still doing my job and not looking at me; she had eyes under that beautiful hair, I think, on the back of her head.

Here I am, I told myself, walking through this maze of bends and stairs going down again and again – then to the right, down the hall, at a height to find my room, my little room on the second floor of a three-story hotel.

Everyone was busy, the people around me: the maids, the office clerks, the janitors, everyone, so I added a monologue to my incessant muttering; as I often say to myself, “… which is why travel is so much fun, – to go somewhere then to say, I got there (and watched everyone else who is preoccupied with their daily lives).” And Barrow, in Alaska, in the heart of the Arctic, was not laughing; I mean, it wasn’t easy to get there. I had to take a plane from Minnesota, then to Fairbanks, then a small plane to the wilderness of the melting land, the desert ice of the Arctic, and then land in Barrow, a community of about 3,000 inhabitants (l996; maybe more now, or maybe less). It was my favorite moment when I was going down, kind of a feat if I may say so. When I called North Western Airlines, I told them I wanted to go to Alaska, but I hadn’t added Barrow to my conversation yet. I had miles of frequent flyers. And when I told them to Barrow, they asked, “Where is it?” Looking at the map I was expecting, the answer over the phone was, “I don’t think we’re going there.” And I said, “Oh, yes, you know,” and when she said very friendly and said, “If we do that, then you’re going to go there,” she checked; she discovered that they were, or were. It was hard to believe it; and so I got there.


During my five-day stay at the hotel, I found myself mostly in his moored cafe, the Mexican one, of all the places to find a Mexican cafe, in the middle of the Arctic I was thinking of, in a village of three thousand people, most of them Inuit, or otherwise. known as the Eskimos.

On most trips, I usually avoided eating exclusively at the hotel where I was staying so I could visit other places, but I found that I entered other eating establishments only once during my four-day stay; there really wasn’t a wide choice. I wanted to eat a whale, but there was nothing to eat, or at least the locals told me so; they killed a whale a few weeks before I came. I called the area before arriving and hoped to join the whaling hunt, but it didn’t work out. (I would eat a whale in Iceland, four years in the future, but that’s a different story). I must add that if you are not originally from the country, it was / is against the law to eat whales in the US, in Iceland it is not. And so according to the customs and the law, so I continued my stay. Like I said, I had to wait another four years to eat whales, which I did while I was very, very good in Iceland.

Midnight sun

One night I stayed up most of the night talking to Jackie (the evening receptionist) and watching television in the lobby. She was a young woman, traveling well; we had a very easy, clear, quiet and tasty conversation – or should I say discussions …

My tired and sleepy eyes listened intently as she traveled as mine went … I think we both regretted not repeating that night, a beautiful night with a lovely woman of wise thinking and well-groomed conversation. It was all worth it, how she felt I don’t know, but it showed caution.

“What are you doing?” Jackie asked, “How do you like Barrow so far …?” Did that question come from her that night?

“It’s okay to visit,” I commented, adding, “… but I’m afraid it’s a little too speculative to maintain a lasting relationship with …”

She turned to my side, thought a bit, and said, “My boyfriend works up here …”, pointing in a certain direction, I mean northeast. She looked excited when she said that, adding “… he’s a pilot.”

I found that this was not too uncommon for this area in the Arctic, as there were a lot of small planes and a lot of small villages that people could fly into, in fact, it was the only way to enter the villages other than on foot or dog sledding.

“Flying with him?”

“Of course–“

“I wrote a book,” I commented.

“Yes, is that so; what kind?”

“Children’s book,” I said.

She thought, then said, “That’s great,” when she got up to attend work, going to the counter to make sure everything was fine, for she had been sitting in them for two hours with a shiny couch on armchairs.

“You think it would be okay to give you some books for yours, the hotel, and for the kids in Barrow, right?”

“Oh yes …” she commented, “that would be nice, very nice.”

Russian pilot

The next afternoon I went to a small airport, a cargo station similar to the unpaved road that was along the coast, leaving the living space. The day was warmer than the day before, and there was always light outside as I noticed, hard to sleep, but I got to see the famous Midnight Sun, strangely, if nothing else, the sun rises a little after midnight and the darkening of the day a little to gray and sharp a glow as if rays were penetrating the atmosphere. Then after the event, the 22.5 hour day starts again.

The next day, I walked into what was called the “Airport Station” and talked to the clerk about how to drive here or there. He then spoke with a Russian pilot, who worked as a mail delivery route to three nearby villages. He then made a deal with the pilot to take me with the mail management. I would pay for the space used, and that was all and little advice for the pilot. So he took me on the most attractive ride, over and around and up to 100 meters to see the caribou running. Beautiful brown tundra, which thawed to a minimum in winter. And we would move to five hundred feet, rather than back to 100. Roller coaster; we stopped at Port Lay and several other stops. It was all worth it.

Note: While compiling my second book of short stories, I discovered a short story I wrote in August 1996 (more like journal notes), pasted on the pages of a short story book I was reading at the time. , Sometimes I run out of paper or can’t find any, I usually find the book I brought, in this case she lost eight years, which was found on 12/18/22; tucked away again so far, revised 6/10/2005.



Signs of abuse and neglect of the nursing home


One of the most difficult decisions a family may face is the need to place an elderly loved one in a nursing home. Not only is there a possibility that you feel guilty because you can no longer care for the person who raised you, but you also have worries or fears to entrust the health and well-being of a frail elderly person into the hands of strangers. So imagine the horror you would feel if you suspected a parent or grandparent was suffering abuse or neglect. If you suspect a loved one has been neglected or abused, check for one or more of these signs that may indicate neglect.

Signs of neglect

The reason you put your loved one in a nursing home is that they were not able to take care of themselves in many basic ways:

• Maintain proper hygiene

• Eat

• Take your medicine properly

In addition, they may also suffer from limited mobility and memory loss. Once you place them in a nursing home, you expect the staff to provide your loved one with those needs. When an older person is neglected, they show signs that these basic needs are not being met:

• bed sores

• Symptoms of dehydration or malnutrition

• Symptoms that their medicine is not being used

• Smells like urine or feces

• You look flawless, like hair that doesn’t wash or wear dirty clothes

• Lack of basic hygiene, such as bathing or brushing teeth

This list is by no means comprehensive. If your loved one does not appear to be receiving the standard of care that a reasonable person would expect, you should investigate whether your loved one is neglected.

Signs of abuse

If there is anything worse than neglect, it is abuse. The elderly person has the right to be treated with dignity and respect. Older people should never suffer from any of the following forms of abuse:

• Isolation from other patients

• Unreasonable restrictions

• Screaming, insulting or threatening

• Strikes, molds, blows, bites

• Sexual abuse

• They are discriminated against for any reason

• Unreasonable behavior control medication

Furthermore, they should definitely not be inflicted with mental or physical pain or punishment. Some of the signs of this type of abuse are:

• Bruises or cuts

• Broken bones, especially broken hips

• Retreat

• Wants to be away from other patients

• It starts to bite

• I am afraid to talk to the nursing home staff

• shows nervous behavior that you have not seen before

• Sudden death

Like signs of neglect, these signs are not comprehensive and are limited to these indicators only. If you suspect your loved one has been abused, do not hesitate to take action. You need to do everything you can to protect the life, health and rights of your loved one.

Seeking legal assistance

You can file a complaint yourself and even try to change nursing homes. However, the abuse and neglect of the elderly is not only illegal, but violates the rights of a group of people who cannot defend themselves. A personal injury lawyer in Minnesota can help you achieve results, advocate for your loved one’s rights, and even get compensation from your loved one for any injury that may occur. If you suspect abuse or neglect of a nursing home, do not hesitate to call a personal injury lawyer. The life of your love may depend on it.



Viva La Raza! The story of Eddie Guerrero


Today’s wrestlers are equivalent to the gladiators of ancient Rome. Numerous fans who anticipate nothing but canned acting behavior and relentless violence respect these demigods of the square circle. They say that in order to make it great in the world of wrestling, you need to prove yourself valuable. One of the things that attracts many people towards these celebrities is their unique ability to attract emotions and enchant the audience with their stories. Perhaps one of the best in the business was Eduardo Gory Guerrero Llanes, also known as Eddie to his fans.

Eddie made his WWF debut as a villain known as the cheeky Latino warmer who fights for Chyna’s affections, which he affectionately called “Mamacita.” He would later win the European Championship against Chris Jericho with a little help from Chyn. The two would continue to work as a team and prove to be quite popular among fans. The couple was even “engaged” for a while until they cooled off when Latino Heat was caught taking a shower with two other women saying, “Two Mamacites are better than one!”

In November 2001, Eddie was arrested for driving under the influence and was later released from the WWF. He would work on the independent circuit before leaving his wrestling debut in 2002. Guerrero returned to Raw and boasted of Rob Van Dam. He will later win the Van Dam Intercontinental Championship.

By this point, Eddie had charmed the audience with his charisma and protective smile. The audience would forever entertain the star tricks, from riding his dazzling customized low riders to the ring, to his famous battle cry: “Viva La Raza!” Eddie will also entertain the audience with tactics of “lying, cheating, stealing” to win the match. He was always creative, even fooling the referee that his opponent hit him with a steel chair to beat him by disqualification. Whether he played a villain or a hero, he would always include tactics of lying, cheating, and stealing.

It was 2004 that Guerrero would win the much-coveted No Way Out title against Brock Lesnar. He would later defend the championship against Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania XX.It was a big win when he celebrated in the ring along with his longtime friend and friend Chris Benoit who won the World Heavyweight Championship that night.

Unfortunately, Eddie’s personal life wasn’t exactly rosy. He was known to be addicted to painkillers and alcohol. This addiction affected his family, and he was even separated from his wife Vickie for a while. The two later reconciled and renewed their vows. Vickie would later adopt his daughter, Kayley, born to another woman with whom Eddie had a brief affair.

The tragedy occurred on November 13, 2005, when Eddie was found unconscious in his hotel room in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was pronounced dead when paramedics rushed to the scene. Later that week, Raw and SmackDown announced they would be holding honor games in honor of the late great Eddie Guerrero. Many wrestlers wore black ribbons with the initials “E.G.” during these shows. Some wrestlers, like Rey Mysteria and Chav Guerrero, dedicated their matches to him.

Later, Eddie Rey Chavo Guerrero, Mysterio and Chris Benoit will be brought to the Wrestling Hall of Fame. Vickie Guerrero accepted the honor that evening. Now, Latino may not want the heat anymore, but his spirit still lives on in most of his fans.



Tips for visiting the Baseball indoor soccer series


The Little League World Series is the most popular baseball tournament for children ages 11-13. It is a world tournament in which 16 teams from the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East-Africa participate. Hard baseball fans watch it and witness the future stars of the baseball world. Occasional fans visit the tournament to see little Babe Ruths empty it. The tournament begins each August in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania, United States. If you want to visit a tournament in Pennsylvania to watch the tournament, here are some tips you need to remember:

Travel and accommodation

If traveling by car, take US Route 15 to South Williamsport. Once you reach the area, a few road signs will take you to Little League Baseball Stadium. If you have a car navigation system, you need to enter the following address: 570 East Central Avenue – South Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Parking at Little League Stadiums is free.

If you are looking for a place to stay, the nearest hotels and motels are often booked in advance for the World Series. You can call the Lycoming County Visitor Office for information on nearby hotels and motels. This office will also help you find local attractions, restaurants and other events during the Little League World Series. If you cannot book in advance, you can rent fully furnished houses near the stadium. You can visit to see houses for rent in the area.

Small league stadiums

Admission to all Little League World Series games is free. For the early rounds of the tournament you can visit the Small Volunteer Stadium. The stadium can only accommodate 5,000 people. Tickets are not sold in advance, but are available to the public in the first place, first services. The final rounds of the Little League World Series are played at Howard J. Lamade Stadium. It can accommodate about 10,000 people. Most tickets for the final weekend are distributed early in the lottery. However, you can watch the matches on the terraces on the slopes overlooking the stadium. The terraces on the slopes provide a good view of the game and can accommodate another 30,000 fans.

A variety of food and beverages are available at the stadium. There is also a designated area for Little League souvenirs.

For safety reasons, alcohol, laser pointers, pets, large containers and refrigerators, bottles and cans, knives and any sharp or sharp objects inside the stadium are not allowed. Special products needed for babies and allergy medications are allowed. The stadium is a non-smoking area, so traditional cigarettes and even smokeless cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are strictly forbidden.

The Little League Baseball World Series is one of the few sporting events in the world that you can watch for free. If you want to witness an exciting baseball action without spending a lot of money, visit South Williamsport in Pennsylvania this August.



For those who know little about Turner’s field: facts about history and entertainment


Turner Field in Atlanta GA is the home ground of the Atlanta Braves baseball team, a top team on many levels of play. The stadium appeared in 1996 as part of a development that underwent the Olympics that year. College Baseball is also part of the events taking place at the venue today, and regular renovations have managed to keep up with the most advanced ball parks in the United States. Baseball Major League has found the perfect residence on Turner Field, offering fans and players the standard Mecca arena.

Ted Turner is the person after whom this stadium was named. The Lord’s legacy extends beyond extraordinary media business to a level that places him in a position of power. Hank Aaron, a baseball player in the big league, was in conflict over the loan of his stadium, which did not happen. Hank Aaron’s election appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a local media outlet prior to the 1996 opening ceremony.

For stadium visitors, the game will be the best entertainment option, but the museum and the afternoon at Turner Field provide healthy entertainment at the home stadium of the Atlanta Braves. The stadium is actually located in Hank Aaron Street, which may have been the reason for Turner to benefit from the suspicion. The Turner Field is a great place to collect autographs. You can send them your memorabilia to the players of the famous balls on which they will sign them.

Out of courtesy, the authorities ask you to limit 2 items per deposit. The museum is a big fan of the Atlanta Braves, as it has 500 items related to their rich history and achievements. This stadium entered the record books with one of the largest high-definition video panels installed in 2005. The cost of this cost was just over $ 10 million.




As existing social media platforms grow more and more under fire, presumably for censorship, proponents of decentralization may now be one step closer to another blockchain-based alternative that says it will “bring back good technology.”, behind the company EOS, is now aiming to create a new social platform voice in the United States. At the same time, users will have to go through the registration process in order to publish and publish content, and this requirement will only last until August 15, said Twitter CEO Sala Zalaat.

When planning a new release date in the fall, the company’s CEO said it happened because they “just can’t wait any longer,” given that large tech companies have increased control over user data and content. Their platforms.

The decentralized social media platform, which launched its beta version in February, aims to alternate existing social media networks that focus only on real people. Content. In addition, the platform displays its own useful sign that allows you to receive rewards for creating posts, or spending money to increase the visibility of messages. has invested heavily in the new social network. The company is expected to pay $ 30 million for the domain last year. Earlier this year, the company also announced an additional investment of $ 150 million to raise its voice.
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The new platform was originally created to work on the EOS public blockchain, but was later changed to the EOSIO blockchain.

At Pixel (07:20 UTC), EOS, which ranks 9th in market capitalization, traded at $ 2.8 and is down 0.6% on the day, with weekly revenue reaching 3.4%. The price is almost undesirable in one month and will decrease by 56% per year.


Web Portals

So you want to know how to create websites for free! For many, the idea of ​​creating their own website seemed like an impossible task from the beginning. However, no! You see, the days have passed when the only people who created websites were professional programmers. Nowadays, any body of any age can create a website and what’s even better is that in many cases it won’t even cost you!
how to make your own website for free
If you just type in Google’s words “how to create websites for free”, it returns more than 268 million search results. As you can see, there are plenty of choices here. Now all of this is fine and good, but just because there are lots of free web pages here, doesn’t that mean you can create one right? Wrong!

Nowadays, many companies make it easy to create their own websites using a simple, easy-to-use interface. Together, these are excellent web templates as well as simple WYSIWYG (whatever you see, what you get) editing websites. All this together suddenly turns your website into a child’s play. Another great thing about these sites is that you don’t really need to know anything about HTML or really web coding. It’s just a matter of pressing the mouse, it’s really that simple!


Ice Shanty – Get the Most Out of Ice Fishing With an Ice Shanty


The Right Ice Shanty Can Make a Cold Winter Feel Like Summer!

Winter brings many things like snow storms, icicles, skiing, snowboarding, and the best of all, ice fishing. If you’ve never had the chance to huddle in an ice shanty and do some ice fishing, you’re missing out on one of the finest winter sports. Yes, ice fishing is a sport… with beer! There are annual festivals all over the world for ice fishing. There’s even a contest for the best, Crib’s Style Ice Shanty.
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Well maybe not Cribs, but people do some amazing things to their shanties.
In the northern US states, there are thousands of people who can’t wait for the ice to form so they can get out on the frozen lakes and kick off their ice fishing season. As soon as there’s enough ice, it’s time to hookup their fishing shack to the back of their trucks and move onto the lakes. Once they’ve found that perfect spot, their shack may stay in that spot for the entire season if the fishing is good, fingers crossed! For some people, every spare minute they have is spent fishing during ice fishing season. flights
It’s a way of life and something special for us who are privileged enough to know about it. One thing is for sure, if you’re going to ice fish, you’re going to need a place to warm up. The way we do that is by using an ice shanty.

What is an Ice Shanty?
An ice shanty is a portable ice fishing shelter that can be made from heavy material such as wood or metal. Other shanties are made from lightweight material such as vinyl, canvas, and denier fabric. Their main purpose is to shelter fisherman from the rages of winter while fishing. Some of the hand made shacks are like small houses. You name it! Satellite TV, stoves, lighting, AC, and even bunks. They can sometimes be more like a mobile home than a “shack”.
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Whatever your style, there’s one for you. In the United States, ice fishing is more of a social event than in some other countries around the world. In places like Wisconsin and Minnesota, there are hotels, B&Bs, and resorts who own ice houses. They’ll do all the work while you focus on ice fishing. It’s really a great way to fish if you don’t own all the gear you need.
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They’ll transport you out in the morning and bring you back at sundown. You can fish to your heart’s content. However, you don’t need a hotel or fancy resort to join in the fun on the lake. As long as you have your license, gear, and a place to warm up, you’re ready to rock! In Alaska, ice fishing and whale hunting for the Eskimos are a matter of survival.
spirit air
Interesting fact: For the Eskimos to hunt whales in Alaska, they are required to use hunting methods dating back 600 years. The Eskimos start by putting together a base camp on the ice. Once their ice shanty town is set up, they prepare to get ready for the hunt. They use a hand made spear and boats made from seal skin to hunt the whale which can be the size of a train engine.
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They aim their boat directly at the center of the whales head because the whale’s head is so massive, it can’t see the boat coming. Once they’re over the whales head, they have to stab the whale in the spine and quickly get out of the way. There’s a rope connected to the spear on one end and a barrel on the other so they can track their hunt by watching the barrel float in the water.
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Powered boats are called in quickly after the spearing to retrieve the whale. It’s sad to see in a way, but it’s amazing that the Eskimos go out over ice cold water on a seal skin boat and hunt a whale using a tooth pick. Talk about the ultimate Ice Fisherman. I just want to note that nothing goes to waste from the whale. Got a little sidetracked there, but it’s an interesting way of life. The fact that a an ice shanty makes it possible for them to survive the Arctic, and then the winter as as a result makes it incredible.
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Ice Shanty Considerations

Choosing the right ice shanty is not as easy as you would think. Since mobile ice fishing has become more popular, ice shanties now come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. Size, portability, and material are very important considerations when choosing your ice shanty. The size of the ice shanty may be the most important aspect to think about. If you like to fish with friends which most of us do, the question is; how many of my friends can I bring along? Of course there are those beautiful days when you don’t need an ice fishing shelter at all, but when the weather turns, it’s nice to have a warm (but not too many people warm) place to go.
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With size, mainly referring to custom built heavy material shanties, portability becomes as issue. You’ll need a way to get your ice fishing house to the lake and a way move around it when it’s on the lake. A 4×4 truck, snowmobile, or 4 wheeler will be necessary to move a larger ice shanty around.
trivago hotels
If you live on a lake, it’s a no brain-er to have a mac daddy ice shanty for various reasons. If you don’t, there are many large portable ice shanty options. Note: If you’re new to ice fishing, it’s important that you stick close to where other large shanties are, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the lake and decide to build or buy a large shelter. If you’re a fisherman on the move or just looking for a little quiet time to yourself, a one or two person fishing hub may be the answer.
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You’ll want to think about how much fishing gear you can store and use in your ice shack though. The more space, the better. Add two buddies, buckets, and beer, it could get real cozy in a shack too small for your needs. You can probably sense my bias here, I think a three or four person ice shanty is a good starting point for ice anglers. It’s nice to be able to move with the fish and try different lakes. A portable ice shanty is just that, portable. You can move it from one spot to the next, one lake to another as often as you want and only spend a few minutes tearing down and setting up your shelter. It sure beats moving a heavy material shanty around. There’s even a portable house by Eskimo Ice Shelters that folds into a sled with storage, and unfolds to shelter with built in bench seating.
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What Type of Material for an Ice Shanty

If you’re an avid fisherman, you’ll need a winter hut that is warm and comfortable. There’s no sense in freezing to death while indulging in your favorite hobby.
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We’ve already covered home made ice fishing houses in the above section for which there are many ice shanty plans available on the internet if that’s the direction you want to go.
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A lot of the portable ice shanties on the market today are made from either 300D or 600D Polyester. Three hundred denier polyester is a lightweight material, whereas 600 denier polyester is a heavier duty material. 300D Polyester is quite a bit thinner than the 600D.
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It’s definitely lighter if you’re carrying it around while trekking through snow. It’s usually less expensive too. 600D polyester is approximately twice as durable as the 300D, but weighs and costs more.
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They’ll both get the job done. You’ll also see vinyl and canvas used to make a portable ice shanty. We hope understanding the purpose and applications of the ice shanty helps you decide which shelter is best for you.



American mobsters – Abe Wagner – Whacked By Murder Incorporated


Abe Wagner was a thief / bookmaker on the East side who made himself a key Jewish hoodie, the new “Kid Dropper,” he told people; Dropper was a tough leader of a Jewish gang from New York who bought a ranch himself in 1923. Wagner thought he was such a tough guy, he once attacked the son of Italian mob king Joe “Boss” Masseri, then told the child to go home and show his to the old man what Abe Wagner did. Fortunately for Wagner, Masseria was shot before he could avenge his son’s conspiracy.

Wagner and his brother Allie were living nicely in a betting business on the Lower East Side when an upset Mazza gang decided to go after them and take over their operations. On February 20, 1932, Wagner was driving down Suffolk Street in his brand new car. As Wagner slowly weaved past the numerous street carts, out of nowhere half a dozen archers appeared and opened fire. As his car shot into the Swiss cheese, Wagner somehow managed to roll down the passenger door and then managed to escape by knocking through a crowded street.

Not being the bravest of souls as he claimed, Wagner decided to make peace with his enemies. He sent his partner Harry and brother Albie to the Mazza gang headquarters at the Hatfield Hotel on the Upper East Side. “See if you can repay them,” Wagner said. The two men arrived at the Hatfield Hotel with a large sum of money. Mazza accepted the cash, but then killed Albie Wagner dead, leaving Harry Brown alive, so he could deliver a message to Abe Wagner that peace cannot be made until old Abe is also dead.

Wagner’s mother Paulie was humiliated when her youngest son Albie was killed and she didn’t want the same fate to befall Abe. “Take Goldie (Abe’s wife) and go somewhere for a while,” Mom Wagner told her son. “Go now so I don’t worry. Hurry up.”

Wagner did as his mother said and quickly left town. A month later, Lindberg’s child was abducted in Hopewell, New Jersey, and Wagner was immediately under suspicion. “We have advice that Wagner was seen near Hopewell about a month before the abduction,” said Colonel H. Norman Schwarzkopf, New Jersey State Police Chief.

Cops couldn’t find Wagner, but Mazza Gang, now aligned with Lucky Lucian, had a multitude of eyes and eyes and feet on the ground across the country, so they launched this apparatus. After Wagner agreed with his wife in various places outside the city, he decided to sneak into New York City to see his mom. He had been in his mother’s apartment for several hours when Mami Wagner received the news that her son had been spotted. “Go fast,” she said. “Don’t wait.”

Wagner took his wife and lifted her to the west, stopping at St. Paul in Minnesota. He changed his identity to Abe Loeb and decided to get into the fruit business. For weeks, Mazza Gang located Wagner, and Luciano contacted his old friends Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky, who along with Louie “Pretty” Buchalter founded a neat business called Murder Incorporated, which consisted of a nasty bunch of contract killers. for rent. They sent two of their best men, Joseph Shaefer and George Young, to St. Louis. Paul to push a button on Wagner. Both were already on guard because they killed federal agent John J. Finiello, during a raid two years earlier on the illegal Elizabeth Brewery, New Jersey. They both knew St. Paul intimately, as it was one of their hiding places for two years on the run.

On July 25, 1932, Wagner and his new partner Al Gordon left the drug trade on University Avenue after fulfilling a prescription. They were followed by Schaefer and Young riding in dark green Packard. Suddenly the striking men jumped out of the car and started firing. Gordon was killed immediately, but Wagner was only wounded. Life ran down University Avenue and then turned onto Snelling Avenue. Gunmen caught Wagner as he ran into the Green Dragon restaurant. There, in front of witnesses, he was shot six times and then beaten on the head. Wagner died hours later at Ancker Hospital, and gunmen were arrested by a passing patrol minutes later on Roy Street. Convicted and convicted and sentenced to life in prison, despite attempts by Lansky and Siegel, who spent thousands of dollars to help them avoid the death penalty.

St. Paul’s police did not identify the dead “Loeb” as a fugitive Wagner. As a result, the following Thursday, Mom Wagner held a “press conference” at her apartment on Rutgers Street. She told reporters, “My boy Alie was killed in St. Paul last Monday. The same killers killed him as my Allie here. I knew he would. But why? Why? My boy has always been so good to me.”

As evidence of her son’s murder, she produced a telegram from Wagner’s wife Goldie, asking her to pay twenty-five dollars so she could transport Wagner back to New York for a real funeral. “That was all the money I had,” Mom Wagner said. “If that’s not my son, why would I have a telegram?”



King Coil mattress


King Koil Mattress has over a hundred years of experience in the mattress industry worldwide. In 1989, Samuel Bronstein decided to open a business in Saint Paul, Minnesota with six workers and a state that needed a light sleep. Since then, King Koil has built more than forty factories around the world, each operating according to a joint marketing plan and a special set of manufacturing qualifications. This is why a consistent product is available almost everywhere.

Because the King Koil mattress keeps pace with production technology, the company provides top quality and good value. Their mattresses are used commercially and residentially, and you can find them in private homes as well as five-star hotels. This tells you that these mattresses enjoy a reputation for longevity, and at the same time are affordable, even thanks to world recognition and high quality. They are attracted not only to the upper crust of the hospitality industry, but also to those who have to score small things. King Coil has made high quality available to everyone.

Chiropractors have called the King Koil mattress “the best-selling Chirorpratic sleeping system.” Since its founding in 1944, members of the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research have been promoting proper spinal alignment. According to the Foundation and its members, this harmonization is necessary for the health of the whole person and if not taken care of, it can lead to poor harmonization of the spine and irritable nervous system. For them, this refers to overall body stiffness, headaches (sometimes severe), back pain, pinched nerves and other ailments. In order for the spine to return to its proper shape and neutral alignment, a comfortable mattress is crucial.

The King Koil mattress has developed a nice range of mattress models, and has developed support for the spine, comfort, sensitivity, perfect contour, perfect elite contour, perfect contour extract, perfect solutions, comfort sensitivity comfort and luxurious getaways. They even offer a mattress just for kids called Kool Kids. Each of them has its own special characteristics, and you will surely find one that you simply cannot live without. There is something for everyone in King Koil

As if the best comfort isn’t enough, they also offer a line of quilts and blankets they developed with designer Jaclyn Smith. With its elegant design, Smith brings elegance using a combination of domestic beats and imported fabrics, and deftly opens up fashion and utility. If you’re in the Las Vegas, Nevada area, be sure to stop by the shop window! The new store is located at 495 S. Grand Central Parkway.