Why are MLB players always hurt in a stupid way?


Hangnails, paper cuts, screams in the neck … awkward and painful little things for everyone, but really those little things are nothing special, we can trim the hangnail, the band helps us cut and start screaming in a few minutes. But professional baseball players are different. In MLB, we always seem to hear players missing the game for something we would think of as trivial. Like Ubald Jiminez, who was placed on DL last year because of the hangar. Either they get hurt in stupid ways, sacrificing playing time for which they are paid millions.

Pirates with tiles on their hands are considered serious enough to be able to sit a few games on the disability list because it can really affect their throwing. Pitcher Clay Buchholz apparently has a chronic bladder problem according to the Boston Red Sox DL, and last year in an interview with NBC Hardball it was reported that Kerry Wood of the Chicago Cubs broke through the bladder (and was fine) before putting it on on DL at about a week, Although we know that blisters can be painful, players can definitely play just because of it.

What’s more humorous, there have historically been a few pretty ridiculous injuries the players have sustained. Sammy Sosa once sneezed violently in the excavations and missed the rest of the game due to back cramps. Matt Latos stretched his left side holding back a sneeze … who knows what would have happened if he had let go! Russel Branyan once pierced his toe as he closed the curtains at his hotel and was on DL for two days in 2010. Ken Griffey Jr. he missed the game when his glass slipped and stabbed his testicles, and in 1990, Glenallen Hill striker, the Blue Jays rookie at the time could not play the game because he was injured while trying to escape a nightmare about spiders.

So there are understandable, pathetic and simple silly injuries in baseball. It’s not like we ever hear NFL, NBA or NHL players do something like this a little bit and don’t play through it. Muscle tears and surgeries and broken bones are another ball game (punishment intended), but please MLB … a hanging stick or a pricked toe? Looks like it’s time to tighten up.

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